We host two Pageants.  The Ms. Diversity and Ms. Juneteenth Pageants strive to bring out the “inner” beauty of our contestants.  You don’t always have to have a pretty face to be beautiful.

Inner beauty comes out in the charity you show to others or in the way you live your life.  They say beauty is in the eye of the beholder, sometimes looking a little deeper may pay off in the end.

Our Ms. Diversity Pageant is open to females age 6 to 40.  The Miss Juneteenth Pageant is open to females of African American heritage only, age 18-23.  For full details, please contact us and we’ll be sure to get the necessary information to you.

The following is the speech done by our Ms. Diversity Queen 2007/08, Jasmine Corley, it shows vision and cultural pride:


That’s a Powerful word; a word that can give people opportunity in life or keep them from it.  In the dictionary, diversity means: to give variety.

To me, diversity means to acknowledge; to acknowledge strong men and women of all colors, not just white or black.  And realizing that we are the “go getters”, we are inteligent and we will not back down from any situation!  Acknowledge that our suffering gave us strength, that strength gave us power and the same power that we earned over 100 years ago, made us who we are today.  So, for me the word DIVERSITY doesn’t mean opportunity or variety.  It means, empowerment; empowerment that needs to be recognized, empowerment that we earned, and empowerment that can never be forgotten, or taken advantage of!  Thank you


2007 Ms Diversity Court



Jasmine Corley



Marla Hoelscher



Jasmine O’Conner



Charmaine Johnson